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Public library „Dusan Matic“

     During the centuries, Libraries are one of the foundations of any civilized society. They are areas where anyone can find valuable knowledge and information stored in an organized method. They are location of goodwill and communication and they know no time and space limits. And, as always, librarians are, wherever they are, the ambassadors of their countries. Representatives of its culture, its heritage, its needs and goals. So, yesterday, at the international conference, which is organized by a EIFL from 08 – 13 June in Ljubljana, in the presentation of the project „Biblioteka + +“, our library had the opportunity to show brief presentation of our city and its attractions as well as its cultural, educational and tourist values and features. Short movie about Ćuprija is product of collaboration between Public library and local television TV Ćuprija, which is also our partner in the project. Special thanks goes to Mr. Simic from TV Ćuprija and Mr.Aleksa Radojlović, high school student, who gave sound to our film. As a reminder, 10 countries, with projects that are winners of EIFL- PLIP contest titled „Public libraries preparing children and youth for the future“ are participants of the meeting held in Ljubljana. Representatives of Serbia at the event are Gordana Markovic in front of the Public Library „Dusan Matic“ in Ćupriji that is the holder of the „Biblioteka + +“ project and Ivica Lazarevic project coordinator.

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